Gongyi Huitong pipeline equipment factory is the domestic valve, damper, pipeline equipment series of professional products manufacturer. The factory was founded in 1992, is set research, development, production, sales and service as one of the modern enterprise.Our main products are waterproof casing, various types of stainless steel corrugated compensator, soft rubber joints, rubber check valve, threaded soft joints, shock absorber, vibration isolator, reducer, sleeve type telescopic device, power transmission joint, expansion joint, flue duct compensator, flexible steel clamp, pipe filter series products. Widely used in tap water, electric power, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, papermaking, printing, pure water, urban industrial wastewater treatment and other industries.Huitong company pays attention to product research and development work, strong R & D strength is the guarantee of product quality, the factory a number of patented products more " gold content of Huitong " brand.I plant since its inception, always put the quality of products in the core position in the rise and fall, only to provide perfect products to customers, win the initiative of marketing, in order to ultimately achieve the " carry forward the national spirit, to create Chinese brand " of the enterprise purpose!Factory rely on scientific and technological innovation, management innovation, service innovation, continuously improve the sales network, the implementation of product quality tracking service, coverage throughout the country each big city, Xin people would like to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, and seek common development, high-quality, fast, comprehensive service return customers, and work together to write a new chapter in national industry!system with ventilating pipes, main vent pipe, side vent pipe, combined with ventilation tube, annular vent, vent pipe, vent pipe for convergence and special ventilation pipe type, each for a different position, which cover type ventilation pipe for water storage tank and water tank installation. Hood ventilation pipe to make the air flow in the drainage system, pressure stability, waterproof seal failure and setting is communicated with the air pipe.


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